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Amani Pledge

$10 per month

The Amani Pledge aids in providing scholarships to post-secondary education and skills training development training in ZLT Hope Homes Economic Empowerment Program. The program works alongside single-parent households, abuse survivors, and youth in need and supports them in reaching their maximum potential leading to financial independence. 

Some areas supported by the Amani Pledge include: 

  • short-term education scholarships for economic empowerment program participants children 
  • short-term support with rent expenses for economic empowerment program participants throughout the duration of their training or post-secondary education 
  • short-term food relief for economic empowerment program participants and their children 
  • providing scholarships to post-secondary education and skills training programs 
  • providing the emergency relocation funding and rent support for individuals enrolled in the economic empowerment program who are facing sexual abuse, physical abuse, or domestic violence



Tumaini Pledge

$25 per month

The Tumaini Pledge aids in providing continued support at ZLT Safe House. This is inclusive of providing children and youth affected by abuse and abandonment with safe shelter, quality education, psychosocial support, and most importantly care and support in a loving family environment. 

Some areas supported by the Tumaini Pledge include: 

  • supporting home utility costs at ZLT Safe House
  • providing access to clean water and sanitation products at ZLT Safe House 
  • supporting monthly wholesale food expenses 
  • supporting full-time administrative expenses for (1) cook and (1) sanitation coordinator 
  • educational expenses for children and youth supported via academic scholarships in the community 
  • supporting in-house psychosocial support services facilitated by a licensed counselor



Upendo Pledge

$50 per month

The Upendo Pledge aids in providing counseling support to children and youth who have experienced childhood trauma at ZLT Safe House, as well as members of the community, via the Community Wellness Program. This Community Wellness Program is led by a qualified social worker and counselor, providing psychosocial support and referral services to community members navigating mental health challenges, complex trauma, domestic violence and sexual assault, abuse, and abandonment. 

Some areas supported by the Upendo Pledge include: 

  • supporting rent expenses for the Community Wellness Centre Offices (coming in 2022) 
  • providing free community workshops on healthy relationships, consent, reproductive health rights, and gender-based violence 
  • providing free counseling services to community members navigating trauma due to domestic violence, childhood abuse, sexual assault, abandonment and neglect, and mental health conditions  
  • supporting a full-time qualified social worker and counselor (1)
  • providing food bundles and (or) tea and bread to community workshop participants 
  • engaging community stakeholders in referral services for housing, medical, and mental health support services



$ 25.00

You have chosen to donate $25.00 monthly for 12 months.

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As a ZLT Hope Homes donor, we view you as a member of our team/family. Your contributions make a lasting positive impact in the lives of women, men, children, and youth living in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Whether it’s hosting a fundraiser at your school or workplace, attending or sponsoring one of our annual gala events, purchasing products from our income generation project, or supporting as a monthly donor – every dollar makes a difference and provides the gift of hope and empowers vulnerable community members in need. With your support, ZLT Hope Homes has provided safe shelter and quality education to over 40 children and youth from the Nairobi region and surrounding areas since 2013… and we’re just getting started! 

At ZLT Hope Homes, we fundamentally believe that there is strengthen found in community. We’re stronger together, and we thank you for your support.